Åsmund & the Heartsinger

A new and exciting project together with Marianne Moen Bergli, the Heartsinger. This is our first track from an upcoming album – studio session in August and tour coming up for autumn 2015. Hope to see you! 

I believe in this: That we all have gifts. And that our gifts matter. Not when they’re hidden away, safely wrapped in the old stories of our insignificance. But when they get up in the morning and greet the sunrise. When we take some stumbling steps towards them, embracing what we deep inside know is ours, and only ours, to do. And to be. 

When we feel our trembling knees and we do it anyway. Together.

I write poetry. And then I share it with you. I perform it on stage. Publish it. Record it. Whisper it in the woods. But more, as well as I can, I try to live it.

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Love Poetry Revolution
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