Photo: Birgitta Eva Hollander

Åsmund Seip is a Norwegian poet, artist and love activist. 

I am human. And I am here. The rest are merely tidal reminders of beauty. I write poetry. And I perform it, offer it my body and my voice. My method is my life, my children, my love. 
And this, this is my invitation: 

Feel yourself.
Feel the world.
Feel yourself in the world.

Photo: Camilla Jensen

Photo: Camilla Jensen

From there, from here, 
anything can happen.


Published Books

100 Days for the Earth - 2014
100 Days of Love - 2012

Published Albums

Åsmund&Marianne - "Trust" - 2015

How the Earth beckons to us these days,
and calls us with Her song 
into deep communion with Her and all Creation.
How She calls us into remembrance 
through blueberries, permaculture, steaming volcanoes and melting glaciers. 
Åsmund is one of the amplifying voices
of the Earth’s calling: 

To come back to the essence and remember who we are. 

He listens deeply, and taps into a Feminine wisdom of being, slowing down, receiving. 
Åsmund’s words, as honest as a heartfelt prayer, bring me a little closer to my Self. 

Filiz Telek


This is a tribute to all the beautiful freaks. To all the deviants, the weird, the strange, the confused, the lost. And the found. This is a tribute to all women. All men. Boys and girls, to the dying and the awakening. To those of us who allow each other to dream. To follow that feeling. That longing. That rhythm. This is a tribute to life. And to the powerful, beautiful YES.

Directed and shot by Irena Prskalo. 
Music by Jarle Gudmundsen. 
Words by Åsmund Seip.


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