Day 45 - 100 Days #FortheEarth

I have the capacity for all evil. Ask me about any dark act and I could have done it. I could have killed and molested. Raped and left bleeding. I could have performed war crimes and ordered mass murders. My hands could be filled of scars from all the punches, my clothes stained in blood and dirt. I have the capacity to close down, to shut off all my emotions, to leave compassion behind and hold my breath until the job is done. 

There is no root of all evil. There is no evil. 

There is life. There is us. Together, we are everything. Light and dark, low and high. I am Jesus. I am Hitler. I have the capacity for every expression of human nature. Not better than you. Not worse than you. Full of shame. Full of joy. Suppressing emotions, carrying guilt, leaning into addiction. Following my dreams, loving sex, singing in the shower.

I have the capacity to open up. To move my attention. To tap into a deeper sense of being, a deeper sense of being me. I have the capacity to look beyond good and evil. To let the two rest for a while, to trust that there is more to life than the old, familiar story. It feels a lot like walking out on a field. Grass everywhere, and flowers, daisies, lavender, too. And birds, lots of birds, supporting me with their song as my feet take me closer. Summer is in the air and the trees surrounding form a natural circle as were it made to hold the space for just this moment. And then, as I reach the centre of the field, it dawns on me that I am not alone. Right here, in the middle, patiently waiting. You are here. You were always here.


(Inspired by Rumi)

This is a calling to slow down and listen. To take a deep breath and explore our personal connection with Mother Earth. The feminine and masculine, the beautiful and dirty, the real, the messy, the sacred. Once it was natural. Today it feels crucial. 

For the next 100 Days I will write a book to the Earth. For the Earth. With the Earth. The book, and the journey, is also to you. For you. And with you. Together, we are everything.

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Love, Åsmund.

(Photo: Flickr/CC/See-ming Lee - “Sculpture by Nigel Hall: Chinese Whispers III, 2010 (Phosphor Bronze ed 2/3)”)