Day 88 - 100 Days #FortheEarth

If you go into the woods and you go really slow, because all things have its own pace, and this time, the forest sings a really slow song, a hymn of sorts, one you have waited to hear and so you go really, really slow. 

If you go into the woods and you let your familiar ways stay behind as the trees guide you and the wind supports you, soon you will find yourself standing in front of a small pond, a seducing lily pond, surrounded by wooden arms stretching out and holding hands, and yet with enough clearing around it for the sun to fill the entire circle with its promising light. 

If you go into the woods and you stand next to this pond, say, right about now, you also take the time to listen to the impulses of your body. As you and your body slowly tune in to eachother and the mud and the reed and the water and the smell and the air from above and the air from below you sink down on your knees, it is as if your body is called to come closer, to seek a new closeness with a presence you did not know existed, it is as if the earth is calling for you to put your ear down on the ground so you can finally listen, listen, listen to the whispering secrets she so wholeheartedly wants to share with you. "You are…," she says, barely noticeable at first. You try to hold your breath to hear better, but the ground, the birds, the aspen leaves show you a different way, a breath to follow, a rythm to fall into and you fall and you breathe and you hear what she says. "You are…," she says. "You are worthy." "You are enough." "You are worthy." 

If you go into the woods and you go really slow. If you listen to her song, her devotional chant, her whisper in your ear. She will be waiting. She will be waiting.

This is a calling to slow down and listen. To take a deep breath and explore our personal connection with Mother Earth. The feminine and masculine, the beautiful and dirty, the real, the messy, the sacred. Once it was natural. Today it feels crucial. 

For the next 100 Days I will write a book to the Earth. For the Earth. With the Earth. The book, and the journey, is also to you. For you. And with you. Together, we are everything.

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Love, Åsmund.

(Photo: Filiz Telek)