Day 96 - 100 Days #FortheEarth

Photo: Birgitta Eva Hollander

Photo: Birgitta Eva Hollander

The burning desire, the deep longing, the signs and the vague dream. The restlessness, the anxiety, the running and hiding and shaking and hurting. The overwhelming feeling of being drawn towards something bigger, something powerful and beautiful, something that feels alive, so, so alive. All of them, every last one of them, are asking you to stop. Just for a second, or a minute, or a day, or a year. For the time it takes. And then to listen. Carefully, thoroughly, to listen as have you never listened before. To your body as was it the most precious temple. To your emotions as were they the finest songs of praise. To your soul as was it the space in between that holds it all in its soft arms of air. And then, allow the sea to wash over you. Drink and swim and let your tears flow, and know the river for how it always finds its way. Your way.  That is all. Now. Amen.

This is a calling to slow down and listen. To take a deep breath and explore our personal connection with Mother Earth. The feminine and masculine, the beautiful and dirty, the real, the messy, the sacred. Once it was natural. Today it feels crucial. 

For the next 100 Days I will write a book to the Earth. For the Earth. With the Earth. The book, and the journey, is also to you. For you. And with you. Together, we are everything.

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Love, Åsmund.