This is my birthday wish:


I wish that you take a moment. 
Just a small, little moment,
where you see if you can find something natural. 
Nothing spectacular, nothing big.
Like a round stone that fits in the palm of your hand. 
Or a dry leaf.
A friend.
Maybe a carrot.
Or your breath. 
And you spend that small moment with it. 
Just a small moment, with something natural.
Now, see if you can listen to it. 
If there’s something there that you can listen to.
It may sound strange, but
if you listen to something,
you might learn from it.
And if you learn from it, 
you might care for it.
And if you care for it, 
you might also fall in love with it.
And if you fall just a tiny bit in love,
that love will open you up.
And if you’re opened up, well,
nobody knows what happens then,
and that’s my birthday wish right there.
For my children and their children, 
for seven generations and more.
The miracle of


Thank you.