We are here together

Exploring trust. The name of our album and our upcoming tour. I’ve been working on it all day, tasting it, swimming in it, letting it fly. Can poetry and music inspire more trust? It feels like the world is full of gaps, full of empty spaces. The more the world changes the more space. A bit like throwing all the pieces of a puzzle on the ground. There’s a new and surprisingly empty space where they once stuck firmly to each other. Putting them all together again takes time. And for us human beings it also takes trust. The amazing thing however, in the midst of this chaos, is that with trust, the pieces tend to find their way home just like that. Magnetic. Magic. 

Poetry and music are my ways for getting in touch with that trust. If I want those words flowing through me I have no choice. I need trust. It feels the same way to be human, to be here. Can we find ways to live together, can we fill the void with our trust? 

I dream of poetry concerts in sacred rooms. Churches. Temples. In the shadow of an old oak, on top of a rugged mountain. But also in rooms that are sacred by nature, even though we may have forgotten it. Like a refugee center. Or a school, a kitchen, a garden. Around the fire.

Magnetic. Magic. Trust. May our pieces find their way home.