1 on 1 - Individual coaching sessions

Everything is possbile. It is possible to choose yourself. To do what you're called for, what really matters. It is possible to create your own life. To do what you love. Mindfulness is possible, as is clarity and clear choices. It is possible to experience love. To choose love. Curiosity and openness is possible. Not taking everything so serious. It is even possible to laugh of it all! Discovering new things is always possible. Everything is possible. Like dreams. Dreams can be listened to. Worked with. Realized. 


It's a matter of your reality, as it is. It's a matter of how you relate to that reality. And it's a matter of your dreams, waiting for you to weave them into reality.

If you really want to take your dreams seriously, to walk the walk, there are, in my experience, three important key elements. 

1. Get real. Althoug seemingly scary, if you want to create real change in your life, you need to also face what's uncomfortable. I have yet to meet someone getting through life unwounded. However, in the moment you take the chance of exploring your shadows, you will also discover your strenghts. Weakness is often nothing but a mere thought. Met with care and curiosity, what you used to look upon as weak, often turns out to be of great advantage. Lotus flowers do after all grow in mud.

2. Contact with a deeper knowing. Your mind is important enough, but there is so much more to you. Being in touch with your inner silence can not only be a safe fundament in your life, but also a place to nourish and listen to the future that awaits you. Meditation and mindfulness works well for stress reduction and  increasing your focus and concentration, but it also simply gives a sense of wellbeing. Never underestimate wellbeing. Joy and pleasure are guides worth listening to, especially when you're heading towards:

3. Your creative superpowers. Coming from silence, you're ready for the most important questions: What do you love? What makes you come alive? How do you want to spend your time and your life? There's a time for the big questions, as there also is for the somewhat smaller ones: How to deal with challenging and busy days, both at work and at home? How to make meaningful choices, both for yourself and your surroundings? What gives safety, clarity and peace in times of change and transition?

You have all the answers. Guiding you towards clarity, my job is to ask questions, listen and provide feedback. Sometimes carefully and quietly. Other times actively and inspirationally. Always honestly and curiously.

And remember: Everything is possible.


What I offer

Individual sessions:
A coaching session lasts for 1 hour and costs 1000kr.

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I reserve a limited amount of hours per week for individual sessions. You're welcome to get in touch to make an appointment. My office is in located in Frogner, close to downtown Oslo. 

I also offer individual sessions via phone or Skype.

Use the form to the left to send me a request, or you can reach me on my phone: +47 414 84 111